Travel Pillow & Privacy Hoodie

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RELAX DURING TRAVEL – Made specifically to help you relax no matter where you are. Whether on an airplane, going to your next business meeting, in a bus travelling to a new town or just taking a car ride to another state with your pals, this Neck Pillow will make sure that you have a pain-free and relaxing time.
GREAT MATERIAL – It is not only made to help you sleep better on the go but the filling material of microbeads also helps your neck's positioning while you are awake.
STYLISH PRODUCT – Don’t just have a U-shaped pillow around your neck, have a fashion accessory with a cool hood to make it a part of your outfit.


  • Material :  Polyester / Cotton
  • Filling :  Polyester / Cotton
  • Feature :  Massage
  • Part :  Neck
  • Shape :  U Shape
  • Weight :  about 1 pound