Philips 6-Outlet Extender Surge Protector

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I'm sorry, but 2 power outlets is NEVER enough and having power strips all over the floor can be a bit daunting, especially, when they are constantly in the way.

Well, Philips has not only come up with a solution but it is a solution in fabulous colors.  So, now instead of 2 simple outlets, you've got 6 and every cord has a home.

  • Power More – Turn 2 grounded AC outlets into 6 and power all of your home or office electronics with this coral wall tap
  • Charging Station – Create a charging hub for your portable devices by plugging chargers into these 3-prong outlets to keep your cell phone, tablet, Bluetooth speakers, Nintendo Switch, smartwatch or Fitbit fully powered
  • Space-Saving – Surge protection can be sleek with this slim outlet adapter’s compact design
  • Protection – Keep cell phones, tablets, lamps and computers safe from circuit overload with a surge protection rating of 900 Joules and an LED protected indicator light
  • High Quality – This wall tap is ETL Listed and has an electrical rating of 125V AC/15A/1875W