Peacock Feather Quill Pen with Ink Set

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Peacock Feather Calligraphy Pen Set includes:

High-Grade Feather Ink Pen
5 Replaceable Dip Pen Nibs
Pen Holder


It dispenses ink smoothly delivering amazing flexibility for a wide range of line variation. liquid feather pen ink, pen nib base, metal fittings. The perfect feather ink pens meet your different needs and brings you different life experiences.

SMOOTH WRITING QUILL PEN: This traditional set blends a centuries-old art form with your unique 'hand' for a creation conveyed in thought and design. These dip pens provide superior control and stability delivering smoothness and an easy ink flow. The pen design allows fool-proof writing helping you hit that sweet spot with ease. The long well-balanced pen body provides a comfortable writing experience.

100% HANDCRAFTED: Exquisite design, antique style, every quill pen fabulous beauty of arts contains the hard work of a craftsman. It is a vintage calligraphy pens with ink, everything you need it come with, when you received it then can start your amazing calligraphy practice.