Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse 6 Buttons Optical Mice

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A variety of colors to choose from, ergonomic design, arc shape fits the palm,
very suitable for the popular color books nowadays, it does not take up any space in the bag, it is very convenient to store, and adopts advanced, high-frequency optical positioning technology Can be used on any desktop, wireless 2.4G, plug-and-play,
operating distance of up to 10 meters, flexible to match your use distance, and relieve the trouble of wired connection.

1. Built-in receiver for easy collection;
2. Plug and play, move more stable and accurate;
3. Using frosted material, excellent grip, light, and durable design;
4. Enjoy the comfort and ease available everywhere, fit the shape of the palm, and use a natural and comfortable grip to reduce hand fatigue;
5. Save power for you: it will enter the standby state when it is stopped, the standby current is 0.4mA, and it will enter the sleep state without moving for 15 seconds, and the sleep current is 0.08mA (activation method: mobile activation);
6. Optical engine: experience smooth and accurate tracking;
7. Pass the test of more than 20,000 hours of use time, please rest assured of product quality;